It is now snowing… Many things.

Hello… I should absolutely say that again. HELLO!!!!!! It has been a very long time since I wrote, and that isn’t very cool. I have a reason though, I have been working hard on many, many, (can I add another many or?…) things. I have tons of new and old projects coming to fruition, and […]

I have songs in my head…

It has been quite some time that I wrote anything on here, but that is obviously ending at this moment. It is true that everything eventually passes. I have been experiencing some not so fun health related things in my Life. I actually have been going through them, or fighting with them for over a […]

The tape on the floor is not actually a box.

Hello, So my head has so many thoughts, as I am sure yours does as well. Trillions of random thoughts that are glued together with and without any form throughout the day. I have OCD on top of all of this, which makes the spiraling turn into a tornado of random irrational tightness, in which there […]

I am uncertain of certainty.

I believe we all ponder bewildering things on a daily basis without getting answers to many of our questions. I also believe this is how it is supposed to be, and is truly incredibly frustrating. There are of course other times that we do find out the most obscure answers to our search for knowledge, […]

You feel something when you finish. 

Hello,  I recently finished a short story I was working on for a publication in the U. K. I had so much fun creating the places and people that I hated leaving it so soon. I hasten to add, I may someday flush it out into a full novel, but obviously only time will tell.  […]

Part 2 of the interview I gave is up today! Please take a listen. It would be amazing with a cherry on top. Yes, I wrote other stuff in this post as well.

Hello, I hope everyone is doing fantastic wherever you may be on this floating ball. Part 2 of the Podcast I did is now up for your listening pleasure! It is always strange talking about yourself and what you are doing no matter what anyone says. I find this is compounded when the audience […]

Life is like that. 

Hello everybody, So… once again the producing member of my announcement didn’t come through. It is frustrating, but I understand Life gets in the way of other Life. Sometimes corresponding shapes are meant for purposes unseeable before they are joined or fused together.  I am still writing up a storm. As I think about just […]